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Dreams Unlocked 

A revolutionary sleep supplement

Backed by science


No melatonin*

Thailand ranks 4th
for searches
'Can't sleep'
per 100,000 people

‘can't sleep’
per 100000 people

Which sleep issues
do you experience?

Trouble falling asleep

Night time

Awake at night

Waking up serveral times

Tired,sleepy or drowsy


Mood swing

Poor concentration

Day time

Why do we sleep?

Toy Brain_edited.jpg

Benefits for brain

'Sleep restores the brain’s capacity for learning, making room for new memories' better memories, faster learning, creative solution, productivity and concentration

Barbell with Weights

Physical performance

Increase peak performance strength (so you can achieve 
new PB and new PR), increase the ability of your lungs to expire carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen And as a result,
a good of sleep will actually increase your time to physical exhaustion.

Yoga Retreat

Health and well being

Good for your heart health, brain health, mental health, emotional well-being, immune system, and even your life span.

Because we believe a 'good day starts at night'


Benefits of Dreamvita.


Support healthy and restful sleep


Improve sleep quality and duration


Promote relaxation


Optimise performance and recovery

Dreamvita.'s advantages


Science-backed formulation


All vegan and natural


Recyclable packaging


What makes Dreamvita. unique?

Let's dive into it

DreamVita stands out in the sleep industry for its unwavering dedication
to providing natural and vegan sleep supplements.

No drugs,no melatonin

Our formulations prioritize purity and effectiveness without reliance on synthetic substances.

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Holistic Sleep Approach

Beyond supplements, we offer comprehensive sleep lifestyle coaching to enhance your overall well-being.

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Non-habit forming

Supports a calming, non-habit forming way to wind down tired bodies and busy minds

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promotes deep, restorative sleep

Tart cherry

increases circulating melatonin and provides modest improvements in sleep time and quality


lowers anxiety, reduces stress and promotes relaxation


contains apigenin, a chemical compound that induces sleepiness when it binds to the GABA receptors in the brain


improves sleep quality and promotes healthy sleep patterns and REM cycles

Lemon balm leaf

increases sense of calmness


increases sleep duration, reduces the time needed to fall asleep and helps with morning drowsiness

Support better with Trademark ingredient CherryPure®

Cherrypure® The only michigan tart cherry we use

- With Human Clinical Studies
- Helps athletes recover after exercise both resistance and endurance athletes.
- Highest Concentration 50:1: 
- Montmorency tart cherries, making it the most concentrated tart cherry product on the market.


Vigourous safety standard

GHPs/HACCP/ISO22000, chemical control, microbiological control, FDA approved


published clinical study

Third party tested

(by sgs)

Gluten and major

allergens free

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