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Blue Spirulina Dirty Latte ( Vegan and Keto )

A new ritual for you to step into your morning! This Blue Spirulina Dirty Latte is sure to be your new bestie. A cozy, nutritious blue latte is spiked with a shot of chocolate vegan lean protein for a boost of protein, health and energy with no caffeine!

Our first menu of Latté series goes to this blue hue of antioxidants from Blue Spirulina Powder

This Blue Spirulina dirty latte is a twist on a traditional dirty latte. The original version of this drink would be a dirty chai, which is chai tea latte with a shot of espresso added in.

At our kitchen, we would love to bring refreshment and daily drink to another level, we replace the coffee with chocolate pea protein and add some antioxidant boost with superfood like Blue Spirulina.

A warm and creamy Blue Spirulina Dirty Latte with a punchy chocolatey vegan protein shot thrown in for good measure. And we promise it REALLY works!

So now you can enjoy this little treat in the morning, afternoon or at night and ready to fall asleep. GOOD NEWS.?

Just in case you think apart of the visually appealing that is eyes candy and instagram friendly, what would you get from sipping these latte?

the results....when combining these 2 together, ⁠

  • Removing heavy metals and toxins⁠

  • Roosting protein intake from green and clean label source⁠

  • Improving digestion and bowel health⁠

  • Promoting satiety feeling and supporting lean body mass maintenance.⁠

  • Enhancing strength⁠

  • Aiding muscle recovery and delaying the muscle fatigue perception⁠




  1. First, warm the milk in a microwave safe mug for about 1 minutes. ( in order to preserve Blue Spirulina's benefits, we recommend not heating your milk over 45 degree celsius )

  2. Add in the Blue Spirulina Powder, and stir well.

  3. Set aside the Blue Spirulina, prepare your chocolate protein shot by mixing 1 tsp of Vegan lean protein with ¼ cup water.

  4. Add the chocolate protein shot into the Blue latte, and add Stevia or sugar to taste. Enjoy immediately! Or add some ice for a refreshing sensation.


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